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Netflix's latest actioneer "Kate" is sorta stale, but it’s not beyond the pale.

Birds of Prey (and The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

An infectiously joyous and vibrantly dynamic celebration of sisterhood and the story of Harley Quinn whose visual direction is gracefully inventive and its cast immensely charming and daring.

Gemini Man

Garden-variety spy-thriller gunplay, with a Benjamin Button twist.

Gemini Man

The uncanny valley plagues the entire film, not just Will Smith's digitally de-aged face. It's a weird mix of oddball ambition and boring execution.

The Parts You Lose

An earnest, competent film that never surprises or entices, nor does it leave you with much besides a few small pangs of heartbreak and resolve.

The Hollars

Though it may offer zero surprises in its familiar wayward-child-returns-home story, "The Hollars" features a terrific cast that's always interesting and alive.

The Hollars

A great big warm, wet hug of a movie, this dramedy about a wayward kid going home is weighted with cliches but rings true and avoids tripping over pretensions.

10 Cloverfield Lane

A decently engrossing sci-fi thriller slathered with a clever marketing trick.