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Language Lessons

I always find it exciting when someone who’s established themselves as an actor steps behind the camera to direct and/or write. It’s like seeing someone join your company in the mailroom and a few years later they’re being promoted to manager. Even better when they’re actually good at running the show. Natalie Morales, who’s had […]

The Lost Leonardo

This splendid documentary examines the journey of a purported lost masterpiece, but is also a whodunit about the shadowy hidden world that is international art dealing.

Electric Jesus

This loving spoof of '80s heavy metal Christian music features rockin' tunes, an enjoyable cast and a heartfelt mix of humor and empathy.

Who You Think I Am

This French drama about a middle-aged teacher posing as a much younger woman for online romance raises tantalizing questions about how we look upon and relate to each other.

We Need to Do Something

This horror/thriller takes the novel premise of a family trapped in their bathroom by a storm and proceeds to do the most obvious things possible.


Michael Keaton and Stanley Tucci shine in this legal story about compensating the victims of 9/11 that's really about the contest between our best rational and emotional impulses.

Flag Day

Sean and Dylan Penn share the screen marvelously in this lovely, human portrait of a fraught real-life father/daughter relationship.


A Brit couple experiences the pandemic over the course of a year in their home. Sharon Horgan and James McAvoy give masterful performances in a marvelous film that's about them, and us.