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Indy Shorts: Indiana Spotlight

Reviews of short films appearing in the Indiana Spotlight programs of the Indy Shorts International Film Festival presented by Heartland.

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Indy Style — February 26

On this week's show, Chris reviews "My Zoe," "Tom & Jerry," "Crisis," "Wrong Turn" and the John Hughes 5-Movie Collection on Blu-ray.

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Indy Style — July 24

On this week's show, Chris reviews the films "Radioactive," "Guest Artist," "The Rental," "Yes, God, Yes," "Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits" on Criterion Collection and a preview of the Indy Shorts Festival.

Oscar-nominated live action films

Reviews of all five Oscar-nominated short films in the Live Action category.


Jim Jarmusch's new film offers an airy slice of life that's quietly moving and casually profound.

Buried Treasures: Head

This wild, hallucinatory drug-trip of a movie features the Monkees trashing their clean-cut image.