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Heartland: Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story

Despite its clunky structure and hierarchy choices, this documentary is worth it for its celebration of these pitifully uncelebrated badass professionals.

Last Christmas

It doesn’t come close to melting your heart, but Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding make for a cheerful duo and there’s enough life and spirit in the film to at least keep you warm for the holidays.

A Simple Favor

This "comedy whodunit" is tonally all over the map, but sometimes it's better to be mediocre and interesting than decently unoriginal.

Sigourney Weaver is officially in the Ghostbusters remake

Sigourney Weaver is officially in the new Ghostbusters remake! Director Paul Feig said it himself through his favorite way of keeping us updated about the movie, his Twitter account. We all remember her being Dana Barrett, Peter Venkman’s love interest in the original classic movies. We don’t know who she will be in the new […]


Melissa McCarthy's winning screen presence saves this spy spoof, which has several gut-busting laughs along with long stretches of dullness.

The Heat

"The Heat" basically just flips the estrogen switch on the buddy-cop genre. But Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are raunchy and rollicking.


For a copycat comedy, "Bridesmaids" delivers the goods and gets a top-notch video release to boot.


Despite the obvious fact that this is a redo of "The Hangover" with a genital swap-out, "Bridesmaids" still scores.