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Odd Trilogies – ‘The Santa Clause’ trilogy

In the latest episode of their podcast, Film Yap writers Logan Sowash and Andy Carr dive into one of their childhood-favorite Christmas series—The Santa Clause. Tim Allen’s holiday franchise was a huge success for Disney in the late ’90s and early ’00s, making $100 million each on relatively modest budgets. Logan and Andy revisit this […]

Odd Trilogies – The ‘Odd Nutcracker’ trilogy

In case you haven’t heard, Yappers Logan Sowash and Andy Carr have started a film-related podcast! For the last few months, Logan and Andy have been discussing movies in clusters of three for their podcast Odd Trilogies. Whether connected by title, story, themes, cast, crew, or something more tenuous, these “trilogies” are selected and/or curated […]

Odd Trilogies — Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

In their newest "Odd Trilogies" podcast, Logan Sowash and Andy Carr discuss Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey!

The year in film with Hamilton County Goes to the Movies

Chris joins Larry Lannan and Adam Aasen for a year-end look at the films of 2019 on the Hamilton County Goes to the Movies podcast.

Ed and Chris talk the Oscars

Christopher Lloyd of The Film Yap is joined by our old friend Ed Johnson-Ott of NUVO Newsweekly to give their views on the upcoming Academy Awards.

Heartland: Ben Rock, “Future Boyfriend”

In this podcast Christopher Lloyd talks with old friend Ben Rock about how a guy known for "gross and disturbing" movies got a short into the life-affirming Heartland Film Festival.

The Tyranny of the Six-Pack

In this podcast, Christopher Lloyd is joined by Ed Johnson-Ott to talk about how depictions of men's bodies on film have changed over the past quarter century.

City of Gold with Ed Johnson-Ott

In this podcast, Christopher Lloyd chats with Ed Johnson-Ott about the documentary "City of Gold," criticism and the link between movies and good eatin'.