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I Care a Lot

Some might find it distasteful that Netflix's "I Care a Lot" is a darkly comedic thriller grafted to the theme of elder abuse, but the resulting product is undeniably entertaining, funny and suspenseful and most importantly it’ll hopefully shine a light on this important issue.


This by-the-numbers biopic of Marie Curie should've taken inspiration from its subject and shown more enthusiasm for experimentation.


In a time when so many movies put service to the plot above building believable characters, “Hostiles” is the sturdy exception that sees the horizon beyond.

7 Days in Entebbe

A tense, effective look at one of history's forgotten acts of terrorism, viewing the situation from all sides.


"Hostiles" continues the recent resurgence of the Western genre, an unsettling portrait of all the capacities America holds, both for greatness and for wretchedness.

A United Kingdom

Less a story of romantic love than love of country, this excellent drama based on history shows the noblest side of patriotism.

the new movie Gone Girl opened Oct. 4

Gone Girl

Unlike David Fincher’s other films, this one doesn’t offer much beyond its alluring air of mystery.

Jack Reacher

Exactly the sort of well-paced, whip-smart thriller everyone bemoans a lack of but rarely pays to see, Tom Cruise's "Jack Reacher" gets a second shot on Blu-ray.