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Prisoners of the Ghostland

"Prisoners of the Ghostland" is obsessed with Nicolas Cage's balls ... I just wish the movie itself was more nuts.


The latest from shock auteur Gaspar Noé is a squidgy hothouse horror flick about dancers going loopy after somebody spiked the sangria.

Hotel Artemis

"Hotel Artemis" makes exceptional use of its cast and setting, but not as much its story

The Mummy

I still like the idea of a cinematic franchise of movie monsters, but "The Mummy" gets Universal's "Dark Universe" off to an uncertain first(ish) step.

Atomic Blonde

Essentially the first "John Wick" imitator, "Atomic Blonde" stars Charlize Theron as a Brit spy in an action / thriller with jaw-dropping stunts and camerawork.

The Mummy

“The Mummy” wants to steal your money. Don’t let it. (Spoilers within if you care, which you shouldn’t because this movie is terrible.)


INDIANAPOLIS!! WIN PASSES TO SEE THE MUMMY, Tuesday June 6th at 7pm!! 1) go to Share the post about this contest. 2) Go back to and comment on the post about this contest. Synopsis: Tom Cruise headlines a spectacular, all-new cinematic version of the legend that has fascinated cultures all over the world […]

Kingsman: The Secret Service

One of the year's brashest, daffiest hits, "Kingsman" is a send-up of the spy genre that nevertheless embraces its 007 action.