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12 Monkeys (1995)

The great Terry Gilliam's dystopic (of course!) vision of a future where we can't tell what's real or not seems disturbingly prescient.

New to View: Oct. 19

M. Night Shymalan’s latest feature and a documentary about the late Anthony Bourdain headline my newest releases for home viewing options. Check out the entire column at:

New to View: Oct. 12

A “Truman Show”-like Ryan Reynolds action-comedy and a new take on an Arthurian legend headline the new releases for the home market. You can check them all out at:  

New to View: Oct. 5

LeBron James headlines the new titles soon available for home consumption. You can check them all out at:

New to View: Sept. 28

Another terrifying excursion into the violent and murderous world of the “Purge” franchise leads off the latest offerings for home consumption. Check ’em all out.

New to View: Sept. 21

The origin story of a classic Disney villain and the latest entry in the “Fast and Furious” franchise make their debut for home theater consumption. Check out those and other new releases at and please consider subscribing.  

New to View: Sept. 14

Scarlett Johansson bids an action-packed farewell to her Natasha Romanoff’s Black Widow in this fast-paced, CGI-heavy thriller. Check out all the new releases available for home viewing at Substack.

The Lost Leonardo

This splendid documentary examines the journey of a purported lost masterpiece, but is also a whodunit about the shadowy hidden world that is international art dealing.