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The Card Counter

Writer/director Paul Schrader grapples with America's post-9/11 sins in "The Card Counter," but does so with surprising warmth and hopefulness.


"Tommaso" is an intriguing yet flawed film that gives yet another example of Dafoe's expansive talent as a lead actor.

Motherless Brooklyn

A chaotic movie sometimes requires a chaotic review.

Motherless Brooklyn

There's a lot of great things going on here, including splendid performances by Edward Norton and Alec Baldwin. But Motherless Brooklyn feels like a chess board crammed with too many pieces.

The Lighthouse

Robert Eggers' sophomore feature is built on stellar lead performances and an odd blend of paranoia and humor, making it one of the year's weirdest... and best.


Jason Momoa may not be able to act his way out of a bag, but "Aquaman" is still trashy fun. It’s “Flash Gordon” meets the briny deep.

At Eternity’s Gate

Gorgeous, haunting and insightful, “At Eternity’s Gate” is a harrowing portrait of a mad who embraced both beauty and madness, and joined the two on canvas.


It's comic book-y, for sure, and will probably be loved by millions just for that. But Aquaman is an overlong, expositional chore, devoid of passion or depth.