Will Jungle Cruise Be Better than Jumanji?

Jungle-themed movies are incredibly exciting, given everything that can happen. Will Dwayne Johnson's latest adventure surpass "Jumanji?"

Why is Black Widow tanking?

The biz side of Hollywood is in a tizzy about why the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe feature isn't measuring up to its predecessors -- but should they be?

The Psychology of The Purge

“Tonight we will see the good and evil in everyone.” — “The First Purge.” For (soon-to-be) five movies, “The Purge” franchise has raised the idea that the scariest thing isn’t a bunch of masked murderers gathering at your front door. It’s the idea that there might be murderer inside of all of us. It’s an […]

Why The Purge Wouldn’t Work

With the sixth entry in the movie series dropping on July 2, Adam Aasen examines the faulty logic in The Purge's plan to reduce crime and unemployment

Odd Trilogies: The Conjuring

  On the latest episode of their podcast, Film Yap contributors Logan Sowash and Andy Carr explore one of the biggest heavyweights in modern horror, the Conjuring franchise. Originally helmed by modern horror mainstay James Wan, the trilogy has been handed of to spinoff La Llorona director Michael Chaves. How does the third film do carrying the […]

Odd Trilogies: Taylor Sheridan’s American Frontier Trilogy

On the latest two episodes of their podcast, Film Yap contributors Logan Sowash and Andy Carr sit down to discuss one of the modern American trilogies, by rising-star writer/director Taylor Sheridan: The “American Frontier” Trilogy. This is an unofficial trilogy of Sheridan’s films, lauded by journalists and Internet forums for its commentary, sharp wit, and […]

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Can scientists really create a "recipe" for a good movie they know audiences will like?

Why American Pie is not a movie about real students’ life

"American Pie" became an iconic movie more than two decades ago, but how representative is it of the real student experience?