The Film Yap Lexicon
Home Alone 2 Bird Lady

The Bird Lady

A mysterious stranger who will silently stalk our hero until the time when the hero can't escape. The stranger approaches, reaching for them, and then ...
the keys are in the visor when you need to steal a car

Grand Theft Easy

In movies where characters need to steal a car, they will have very little trouble locating spare keys or otherwise getting the car started.

The Canine Survival Tenet

NO! The dog can't die!

The Big Boo

There's a ghost!'s gone now.

The Deer in the Headlights

Enormous but super-slow danger approaching? Don't. Move. A. Muscle.

The Slasher CPR Missive

If you're in a slasher movie and think you killed the killer, you didn't. Don't slowly walk up to him and check.

The Scooby Doo Corollary

There's a killer after, I have an idea. Let's break off into small groups.

The Compensatory Cha-Cha

When a bad movie tries to trick you into thinking it's good by using a wacky song and dance.