Indy Film Fest: Rebecca Berfanger, festival president

Indy Film Fest Board of Directors President Rebecca Berfanger talks about holding their second fest during pandemic, and how she's watched some early filmmakers' children grow up.

Indy Film Fest: Marquise Mays, “The Heartland”

Highlighting both the joys and trials of growing up Black in the Midwest, three Black Milwaukee residents confront and reconcile the unrequited love between them and their city. Separated into three chapters, the film explores the childhood experience for Black kids. From the moments when they lost their innocence to the outward expression that defined […]

Indy Film Fest: Matthew Ya-Hsiung Balzer, “The Catch”

The director of "The Catch" talks about his film, which was based on true crime reporting and personal stories heard on lobster boats and in small towns across New England.

Indy Film Fest: Lauren Z. Ray, “Welcome to Monterey”

Lauren Z. Ray, director of "Welcome to Monterey," reflects on the documentary of the town her family has called home for more than 150 years.

Director C.J. Crim/Activist Margaret Morrison, “Resisterhood”

The director of the documentary "Resisterhood" and a civil right activist who was one of its subjects, discuss the film and maintaining hope in an age of division and hatred.

Writer/Director Sean Durkin, “The Nest”

The writer and director of "The Nest" discusses his new film, depicting a crumbling marriage in a poignant, realistic way, and the changing family dynamics in relationships.

Derrick Borte, Director, “Unhinged”

The director of "Unhinged" talks about star Russell Crowe, anger in society, and being the first movie to re-open movie theaters during the pandemic.

Kevin Bacon talks to The Film Yap about his new movie

Andy Carr of The Film Yap interviews Kevin Bacon about his new psychological horror/thriller, "You Should Have Left."