2017 Heartland Film Festival

Intent to Destroy

The lengths to which the Turkish government has gone to suppress this story will make your mind wonder, “What other types of alternative histories have we learned?”

City of Joy

City of Joy tells some of the most traumatic, demeaning, and dehumanizing stories to befall women. This is their story of resilience.


Undocument is an entrant into the 2017 Heartland Film Festival. It tells the narrative of four families who are dealing with issues of citizenship.

Heartland: The Mad Whale

“The Mad Whale” is an intriguing film that is suffocating with its intensity and features a commanding performance from Phoenix that definitely makes it as a must-see.

Heartland: Shut Up Anthony

While the emotional core may be a tad dry, Shut Up Anthony provides some of the best commentary on the folly of everyday conversation in recent memory.

Heartland: That Trip We Took with Dad

For tickets and show times, please click here.   Picture this: you live in Romania in 1968. Stalin’s been dead for more than a decade yet his movement still lives on in your country, making your disgust in Stalin a major concern in the community if anyone finds out. Even though neighboring countries are experiencing […]

Heartland: What Children Do

For tickets and show times, please click here. After watching “What Children Do,” I was surprised that it took me this long to see a super indie comedy drama at Heartland Film Festival. Regardless of the film’s quality, this is a film that I think most people expect to see at a film festival. It […]

Heartland: The Bachelors

Deeply heartfelt but never maudlin, "The Bachelors" features another great performance by J.K. Simmons as a father who doesn't know how to grieve.