2019 Heartland Film Festival

Heartland: The Garden Left Behind

“The Garden Left Behind” is the kind of film that uses subtly to power its narrative and delivers an emotional gut-punch that leaves you silent as the credits start to roll.

Heartland: Where We Disappear

A woman's harrowing journey through a Siberian prison camp is sporadically effectual, but too often not depicted viscerally enough.

Heartland: The Music Makers of Gennett Records

A documentary film that brings to life the musical history that was birthed in Richmond, Indiana.

Heartland: A Woman’s Work: The NFL’S Cheerleader Problem

A scathing but unfortunately unsurprising doc about wage disparities and misconduct in the NFL.

Heartland: 17 Blocks

Twenty years of the Sanford family's home movies are assembled into something truly revelatory: a portrait of America's heart.

Heartland: ‘Syndrome K’

For tickets/showtimes or more information about Heartland Film Festival, click here. By Bob Bloom “Syndrome K” has a compelling story to tell, but the way it goes about it dilutes this documentary’s impact. This historical feature relates how three doctors working in a Roman Catholic hospital run by the Vatican created a fake disease as […]

Heartland: ‘Guest Artist’

A compelling finale rescues this stage-bound and often pretentious drama.

Heartland: ‘Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the Movie Palace’

A nostalgic look at the palaces that made the movie-going experience a special treat.