2011 Heartland Film Festival

Romantics Anonymous

This delightful French chocolate story does everything I want in a romantic comedy.

My Last Day Without You

It tries to be "Up in the Air" meets "Before Sunrise," but I don't think the film is listening to its characters.

Love Birds

Rhys Darby and Sally Hawkins lift a familiar script into a rather cute movie. Also, there's a duck in it!

An Ordinary Family

A fun dip in the family swimming pool, and we don't even have to bring any bean dip.

Little Red Wagon

Based on an inspiring true story, "Little Red Wagon" is the type of movie the Hallmark channel highlights and plays over and over.

Where Soldiers Come From

"Where Soldiers Come From" is a heartbreaking and insightful view of group of kids from Michigan who join the National Guard and get more than they bargained for.

Becoming Santa

A fun documentary and a change of pace that will certainly lift your holiday spirits.

Nathan and the Luthier

A solid debut from Hoosier filmmaker Jacob Sherry, "Nathan" is worth catching if you're heading to the Heartland Film Festival.