2017 Indy Film Fest

Indy Film Fest: Hear the Silence (Höre die Stille)

"Hear the Silence" is not your stereotypical war movie, but that's what makes it special.

Indy Film Fest: Dreamland: Mark Twain’s Journey to Jerusalem

An insightful look into a largely unknown period of Twain's life and a glimpse of the writer before he became *the* Mark Twain.

Indy Film Fest: Jennifer Reeder

The Hoosier director of "Signature Move" talks about her filmmaking journey in Indiana, describing herself as "a unicorn swimming uphill both ways in the snow."

Indy Film Fest: The Wedding (Die Hochzeit)

This film offers little more than some quirky characters whose dialogue is framed beautifully in the countryside of Vienna.

Indy Film Fest: It’s Not the Time of My Life (Ernelláék Farkaséknál)

A spectacular and dizzying film that uses the confines of an apartment to explore two families' interesting dynamic.

Indy Film Fest: Sylvio

An intriguing, insightful look into life through the eyes of a guy in a gorilla suit, "Sylvio" is the definition of "something different."

Indy Film Fest: A Quiet Storm

A searing drama with elements of race, morality and poverty, "A Quiet Storm" is one of the best of the Indy Film Fest

Indy Film Fest: The Things We’ve Seen

An evocative American Gothic drama, "The Things We've Seen" examines a rural family torn by bad choices and long absences.