2018 Indy Film Fest

Indy Film Fest: Captain Black

For Indy Film Fest showtimes or to buy tickets, please click here. Blending humor and drama is a tough task. A filmmaker runs the risk of both falling short producing a bland mix of each, but Jeffrey S.S. Johnson found the sweat spot that most strive for, yet few achieve in his debut feature “Captain […]

Indy Film Fest: Admit One: The Story of the Goshen Theater

The film highlights the thought that instead of communities choosing to tear down these giants from the past, they can instead embrace them and bring them back to life for future generations.

Indy Film Fest: Between Waves

"Between Waves" goes all in with low brow humor that feels better fit for the 1990's than modern audiences.

Indy Film Fest: Fremde Tochter (Strange Daughter)

Set in a modern-day Germany beset by strife between working-class natives and largely Muslim immigrants, “Fremde Tochter” (Stranger Daughter) gives us a star-crossed romance between two people who have every reason to hate.

Indy Film Fest: All the Reasons to Forget

“All the Reasons to Forget” lies firmly within the romantic comedy genre, but it’s also got some sharp observations about the modern dating scene in Brazil.

Indy Film Fest: Oscillations

This is the sort of movie that you say you watched and someone asks you what it was about, and you have no good answer to give them.

Indy Film Fest: In the Wake of Ire

Director Brandon Maurer weaves a small, sad, and stripped-down story of regret and new beginnings.

Indy Film Fest: GameChangers ★★★½

For a list of Indy Film Fest showtimes or to buy tickets, please visit https://indyfilmfest.org By Bob Bloom The message of the documentary film, “GameChangers,” is simple: On the court, issues of race and economic status are trumped by competitiveness and sportsmanship. At least, that is the message of former basketball players at Marshall High […]