2020 Indy Film Fest

Heartland: Sleeze Lake

“Sleeze Lake” is a nostalgic look at custom van enthusiasts and their own little subculture.

Indy Film Fest announces awards

Indy Film Fest announces the winners of its 2020 awards, including "Sleeze Lake" in the Hoosier Lens category, "Breaking Fast" in American Spectrum and "Down a Dark Stairwell" for documentary.

Indy Film Fest — After So Many Days

A great documentary filled with beautiful moments, "After So Many Days" is about two just-married musicians doing a show every day for a year.

Indy Film Fest — Chasing Unicorns

Chasing Unicorns is a film about trying to get a startup company off the ground in the country of Estonia.  

Indy Style — Aug. 14

On this special edition of The Film Yap on Indy Style, we take a look at the 2020 Indy Film Fest running Aug. 13-23.

Indy Film Fest – Samurai in the Oregon Sky/Closet

Alec Toombs gives you two reviews for the price of one with Japan-themed films "Samurai in the Oregon Sky" and "Closet," both of which are playing as part of Indy Film Fest 2020.

Indy Film Fest — Hum

An eerie, contemplative sci-fi thriller about a mysterious chest that has become the source of both reverence and revulsion.

Indy Film Fest: Climate of the Hunter

A fun comedy-horror film, "Climate of the Hunter" is an effective drama, but one that lets a few golden opportunities slip by.