DVD Reviews

The Vault

“REC” director Jaume Balagueró tries his hand at the heist picture with "The Vault."

Cosmic Sin

"Cosmic Sin" is just another in a long line of recent direct-to-video releases Bruce Willis has attached his name to, collected a paycheck and did absolutely nothing with.

Criterion Collection: Essential Fellini

Matthew Socey says the new Criterion Collection of the Italian master's work is well worth the high ticket price.

Night of the Hunter

In this homage to a true classic, Brian Snoke says "Night of the Hunter" is a fairytale-like movie about murder, exile and trepidation.

Criterion Collection: Ingmar Bergman’s Cinema

Matthew Socey explores the Criterion Collection's gorgeous new issue, "Ingmar Bergman's Cinema."

Cannibal Corpse Killers

If sound design containing punches and kicks from "Double Dragon" or canned bird noises is your thing, then "Cannibal Corpse Killers" might just be your bag. Watch co-writer/director Joaquin Montalvan attempt to earn his Junior Rob Zombie Merit Badge!

Legacy of Lies

Reviewer Alec Toombs loves direct-to-video action star Scott Adkins. Does he dig his latest effort, "Legacy of Lies"?

Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits

Matthew Socey takes a look at the new Criterion Collection magnum opus: "Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits."