Win 18 Movies on DVD!!



Yes, I said 18 Movies on DVD! This contest will net one lucky Yapper three 6-movie sets from MGM!

One lucky winner will win MGM’s 80s Movie Collection, which includes the films “Valley Girl,” “The Rachel Papers,” “Losin’ It,” “Zapped!,” “The Last American Virgin,” and “Class,” as well as the “Sports Movies” pack, consisting of “Bull Durham,” “Diggstown,” “Body and Soul” (1982), “Rocky Marciano,” “Body and Soul” (1999) and “Semi-Tough,” AND the “Kids” 6-pack, which includes “Snow White,” Sleeping Beauty,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Puss in Boots,” “Red Riding Hood,” and “Hansel and Gretel” (please note NONE OF THESE ARE THE DISNEY VERISIONS OF THESE FILMS). That’s more than a little something for everyone!

To enter, simply comment on any single page on The Film Yap’s site, then e-mail telling us which story you commented on!

Congratulations to the many winners of our “Hereafter” and “Conviction” contests, and double laurels to those who took home “Hereafter” t-shirts, and one lucky reader, Jake Bray, also took home the “Hereafter” canvas bag!

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Don’t be left out! The Yap has TONS of free stuff coming up in October and November to give away!

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