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Attention Film Yappers! Enter here to win your copy of “Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey” on DVD!

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Who provided the voice of The Man in the Yellow Hat in the first “Curious George” film?

“Curious George 2” Synopsis:

The world’s most beloved and inquisitive monkey is back in Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey, the fun-filled sequel to the hit animated movie. Join Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat as they set out on a madcap cross-country adventure to reunite Kayla, a homesick elephant, with her family. This unlikely trio faces all types of comic calamities and colorful characters and in the end, learn that with family, friends and determination, you can achieve anything. Featuring the voices of Tim Curry, Matt Lauer, Jamie Kennedy and Jerry Lewis, Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey, “proves that family, friends – and curiosity – are number one.” (Francine Brokaw, Los Angeles Family Magazine).

Congratulations to the winners of the “Ghost Writer” contest! The answer to the trivia question, In 1997, in the midst of the 90s’ disaster movie phase, Pierce Brosnan starred in one of two dueling volcano movies (the other starred Tommy Lee Jones and featured a previously unknown volcano situated under Los Angeles). What was the title of the film Brosnan starred in?”, is “Dante’s Peak.” Of course, Tommy Lee Jones starred in “Volcano” that same year.

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