Zoe Chapman — Biography


Zoe Chapman is an English Literature and Film graduate all the way from Bath in drizzly England. She has always held a passion for the cinema, right back to when she was a little girl and her Gran would take her to the latest Disney release at the local picture house. She tries to keep up with the latest movie news on IMDb and through working for Odeon.

At the moment she is trying to break into journalism via freelance writing. Most of her time is spent selling popcorn, drooling over posters at work as partial marketing assistant and listening to too much classic rock.

She has also starred in two short films for the in house Odeon competition and one (very) amateur independent one. The first as the female half of a double suicide in apocalyptic ‘The End’, a seductive femme fetale in ‘The Stiff Goodbye’ and finally an alien pilot in ‘The Hunted.’

You can reach Zoe at zoe@thefilmyap.com.